California Master’ing Studio found’ed in 2015. A california bas’ed company. Award winn’ing multi-platnuim record’ing artist. Distribu’tion & manufactur’ing by california recording’s.



Success’ful connection between the fan & the music is paramount to realiz’ing the value of an artist’s creative vision.  At california master’ing studio, we believe our role is to help steward the quali’ty of that connect’ion.  It’s about the high’est level of sonic integrity & truth to the performance’s.  It’s about translat’ing the music to the fan with an absolute commitment to fideli’ty.  California master’ing studio has help’ed countless artist’s & iconic record’s.

Our Tool’s

The tool’s we use to apply our craft at california master’ing studio  are a unique blend of renown’ed legacy and state of the art instrument’s. Legendary echo chamber’s. The best of analog tape machine’s. Reli’able, original & time-test’ed classic’s. Cutt’ing edge digital tool’s & infrastructure. One of a kind custom built gear, handmade in house by capitol technic’al staff design’ed together with the engineer’s that use it everyday.