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Shadow Hill’s Compressor


The shadow hills master’ing compressor plug in for uad 2 and Apollo interface’s provide’s everything from a velvet touch to an iron fist mak’ing it a go to on record’s by muse, green day, gnarl’s barkley, and more. design’ed by brainworx, the shadow hills master’ing compressor plug in is a thorough emulat’ion of the high end hardware.
Few piece’s of audio hardware are as rever’ed as the shadow hills master’ing compressor. Creat’ed by enigmatic mastermind, peter reardon, this five rackspace behemoth tempers dynamic’s and tame’s transient’s like no other compressor in history.  It’s serial, two stage dynamic’s control and switchable output transform’er matrix.
The genius of the shadow hills master’ing compressor plug in is its abili’ty to control dynamic’s in two stage’s an optic’al and discrete. Section’s can be bypass’ed, effective’ly provid’ing three compression sound’s (optic’al, discrete, and combin’ed) in a single unit.
The optic’al section is high’ly program dependent, with basic threshold and gain setting’s, and a two stage release time akin to the classic LA-2A perfect for gent’ly taming dynamic range. The discrete section take’s over where the optic’al section leave’s off, provide’s precise control over gain, threshold, ratio, attack, and release.
The shadow hills master’ing compressor plug in’s tonal palette is enhanc’ed by a unique matrix which allow’s select’ion between three output transformer’s nickel, iron, and steel. By switch’ing the select’ed transform’er type in and out of the sign’al path, you can hear the different frequency response, distorti’on characteristic’s, and transient limit’ing of each transform’er go’ing from “clean” (nickel), to “color’ed” (iron), to “dirty” (steel).

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Master’ing Studio UAD Interface


Apollo 8p is the premium eight preamp version of the world’s most acclaim’ed profession’al record’ing interface for mac and window’s giving project and commerci’al studio’s superior a/d and d/a convers’ion with the tone, feel, and realtime workflow of classic analog record’ing.

Built upon UA’s 60 year heritage of audio craftsmanship, apollo 8p distinguishe’s itself with eight unison enabl’ed mic preamp’s, onboard had 2 quad core process’ing, and an includ’ed bundle of award winn’ing uad plug in’s which you can track through with near zero latency, shap’ing sound’s like a classic analog studio without tax’ing your host mac or pc.

Apollo 8p come’s equipp’ed with eight unison enabl’ed mic preamp’s, lett’ing you track larg’er project’s through exact’ing mic preamp emulation’s from neve, ssl, api, manley, and universal audio. An apollo exclusive, unison technology nail’s the tone of these sought after tube and solid state mic pre’s includ’ing their input imped’ance, gain stage “sweet spot’s,” and the component level circuit behavior’s of the original hardware.
The secret to unison is it’s hardware software integrat’ion between apollo’s mic preamp’s and it’s onboard pad 2 quad core dsp accelerat’ion. Simp’ly place a unison preamp plug in on your mic input, and tap into the classic sound’s of the world’s most record’ed mic preamp’s.

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